Lifespan & Functionality of 90w Laser Tuber

What is the Lifespan of 90w Laser Tube and How many hours does it have?
The Laser Lube has to be operated under maximum working current to qualify for our laser tube warranty. To get Maximum Lifespan of the Laser Tube, optimal current has to be used in all time. 
The Laser Power Supply that is installed in our Laser Machines if you purchased a laser tube with, the maximum output current is at optimal current, to ensure that you have the longest lifespan possible. 

If you've installed the Power Supply yourself, please test the current after you've installed the Laser Tube, to ensure that it is protected by our  laser tube warranty. The Laser Tube's lifespan will be shortened rapidly by long term usage under over-high current. This will leave a Noticeable mark, resulting in the Laser Tube falling out of the laser tube warranty
# Maximum lifespan is lab tested result  and is provided by the Tube Manufacturer. There is no guarantee that the Laser Tube will reach Maximum Lifespan, even if you follow the guidelines all the time.
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