What Is A Media Sensor And How Does It Function?

What Is A Media Sensor And How Does It Function?

The FastColour Large Large Format Printer has a Media Sensor pre-installed on it. It is securely situated between the first 2 Pinch Rollers on the right side of the Printer.

The main core functions of this Media Sensor are as follow:

  • After switching the Printer ON, the printer head will move from left to right, then back again to its origin position.
  • What follows next is that the Printer will perform its "cleaning process", making sure that all is in order before printing commences.
  • When the Vinyl is being inserted/fed into the Printer, while the Pinch Rollers are up, it will slide/pass over the Media Sensor.
  • The Media Sensor ensures that there is adequate Vinyl in the Printer before any printing work commences and will indicate a red light(dot) on the Vinyl inserted. (see below picture)

  • While the printing work progresses and either the Vinyl is skew or it is almost finished, the Media Sensor will immediately alert the User, by stopping the printing work. 
  • At this time, the User will be aware that the is an error regarding the Vinyl that was inserted.

How to disable the Media Sensor Functionality:

  • Press the OK (Menu) button on the bottom of the Screen Panel. (see below picture)

  • On the Screen, it will display numerous options and the User needs to only select Setup Menu, by pressing on OK at the bottom of the Screen Panel. (see below picture)

  • Next, scroll down (using the down arrow) 

  • The Warn Paper and selected by pressing on OK at the bottom of the Screen Panel. (see below picture)

OFF & ON options will appear (as seen below)

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