How to Add/Setup a V-Smart Vinyl Cutter?

How To Add/Setup a V-Smart Vinyl Cutter?

Connect the Blue USB Cable that purchasing the V-Smart Vinyl Cutter to your Computer and Switch ON the V-Smart Vinyl Cutter .

After Installing Flexi Software, Open your Production Manager Software.

Click on Setup on the Task Menu on top. Click on Add Setup, a Window will appear, (See Picture Below)

For ALL V-Smart Vinyl Cutters, the Brand Name should always be at AM.CO.ZA and then you Select the Model of your Cutter depending on its Size.Then you Click on Next. (See Picture Below)

Make Sure that you Select the Correct Option that is being Used to Connect your V-Smart Vinyl Cutter to your Computer, then Click on Finish(See Picture Below)

Then simply Remove the Blade Holder from the Carriage Before you do a Test Cut. Right Click on V-Smart V3-440 and Select Test Cut. 

A Cut Job will be sent to your V-Smart Vinyl Cutter and You will Notice the Cutter Responding: (See Picture Below)