What Software can I use for the CO2 Laser Cutter and Does it come with the Machine?

TruCUT CO2 Laser Cutting Software

(Software is Provided Free of Charge With the Laser Machine)

A powerful software that is cost effective for precise and refined laser cutting that is also easy to use. (See Picture Below)

The Software has Cutting Layer Management for Laser Cutting, 2D & 3D Engraving, Laser Perforating, Laser Plotting, Laser Output Parameters and the ability to Download Cutting File thus giving control over the Laser Machine. (See Picture Below)

(The Speed and Power for Cutting/Engraving depend on the Laser Tube that is being used "40W, 60W, 90W, etc")

TruCUT CO2 Laser Software enables direct cutting and ability to generate a standalone offline cut file.

TruCUT CO2 Laser Software supports the Desktop, Cabinet and Flatbed CO2 Laser Machines

The System Units for The TruCUT CO2 Laser Software are:


The value of the Length is in mm(Millimeters) with smallest interval at 0.01mm


Speed is measured in mm/s(Millimeters per Second)


Power is measured in %(Percentage) with Max at 100 

For more information about TruCUT CO2 Laser Cutting Software visit:http://am.co.za/laser/trucut

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