Can I Install V-Series Vinyl Cutter as Printer

The V-series vinyl cutters can be used to cut from many different types of designing software such as Adobe Illustrator,Corel draw, Inkscape etc if it is installed as a printer.

V-series vinyl cutters 2013 and 2014 models can only be installed as a printer on Windows 7 and other lower versions of windows

Note: V-series vinyl cutters 2013/2014 models cannot be installed as a printer on windows 8 and above as our printer drivers are not compatible with these versions of windows, so you will be required to have a cutting software such as FLEXI SIGN which is obtainable from our warehouse and we offer lifetime support on the software as well as the machine its self or you can buy a V-smart vinyl cutter which can be installed as a printer on every windows operating system

V-series vinyl cutters are compatible with other cutting softwares such as ARTCUT which is also obtainable in our offices but we don't offer support on it.

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