How to add V-Smart Cutter as a Printer

Load the Blue Utility Disk that came with the cutter and Open to View Folders

Connect your cutter with the Blue USB cable alone

Open Devices and Printers and scroll to Unspecified to see if there is a device named Princess

Open the folder corresponding to your cutter (V-Smart Vinyl Cutting Plotter)

Open the folder named 2013-2014 Model FTDI Driver

GO into the folder corresponding to your Operating System (I will use Windows folder for this article)

Right Click on the FTDI_CDM_Setup corresponding to your Operating System version and select Run as administrator

After you finish the installation go back and open the folder named 2015+ Model USB 2.0 Printer Driver

In the folder right click on Install Printer and Run as administrator

On the screen that appears click on Install on the highest USB port you have

An Add Printer Success message will appear and you will have successfully installed your cutter as a printer.