Cutting Length of the V-Smart Vinyl Cutter

(Applies to the V-Smart Range of Vinyl Cutters)


The cutting head does not travel all the way across the cutting area or gets stuck on the far left hand side of the vinyl cutter.


The V-Smart Vinyl Cutter model type has changed, since the device is digitally controlled, this can be changed using the LCD Screen and the Control Buttons. To change the model type of the device, firstly, press the LEFT button to move the Cutting Head away from the Home position (far left of the device), then switch off the V-Smart using the On/Off switch, then turn the V-Smart on again, as the device is turned On, quickly look at the LCD Screen to view the boot information for the device, this contains the firmware version, model type and ID of the device:

Press the MENU button while the boot screen is displayed, this will then change the MODEL TYPE on the LCD Display, as shown below:


Keep pressing the MENU button until the correct MODEL TYPE is displayed for the device, then press the ENTER button on the keypad to accept the selection.

The MODEL TYPE has now been changed to the corresponding type of the device and the cutting area and movement of the Cutting Head will now be correct.

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