Plasma Cutter Support and FAQ

Metal Wise Plasma Cutter Material Guideline (Recommendations)

Recommended material settings when using a Metal Wise Plasma Cutter


How To Create Toolpaths Using ArtCAM On A MetalWise CNC Plasma Cutter
Advanced Machinery and Delcam have collaborated to produce a post-processor for use with the MetalWise Plasma Cutter range. This allows for easy creation of MetalWise Plasma Cutter toolpaths using any version of ArtCAM Toolpath Creation ...
How do I use the built in Shape Library on the Plasma Cutter?
USING THE BUILT IN SHAPE LIBRARY ON THE PLASMA CUTTER. The shape library has basic shapes stored on the machine memory for quick and easy access. The shapes can be modified to meet the user requirements. The following s...
Changing the Size of Cutting Part on the MetalWise Plasma Control System
CAN I CHANGE THE SIZE OF MY PART ON THE PLASMA CUTTER CONTROL? To change the size of a part on the plasma cutter you use scaling. The proportion for scaling that is used is called ratio. After loading the part press F3 to enter in the ...
Array Function on the Plasma Control
ARRAY FUNCTION ON THE PLASMA CONTROL After loading the part you want to cut you can use various options before proceeding to cut. You can manipulate a part to display or arrange it in a particular way. Follow these steps. P...

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